Masters Program in Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MPLE) at European Institute of PolicyResearch & HumanRights

EIPRHR l Online’s Masters Program in Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MPLE) is a Fast track SUPER COURSE ( a combination of Management, Law, Social Science etc.) in just one month’s long program designed for rising leaders willing to start /re-start their meaningful career in the International environment with a difference. Course equips with in-depth understanding of theoretical and applied knowledge of leadership skills. This Power program is designed to bring a rewarding career for those willing to lead as a Leader. This program works as a great stepping stone to help prospective candidates willing to start their career on leadership roles of Senior Positions.

This specialized program enhances the knowledge of the candidate and boosts with an utmost level of confidence. This program guarantees a stable career and opens the door for unlimited opportunities. The programme prepares students for the rigour that is required in the professional and academic arenas required for Leadership roles. On completion of this program, candidates will be given an opprtunity to work on probationary period of 2 months' as Country Director- Trainee / Deputy Country Director-Trainee. On completion of the probationary period candidate can join our organization a Country Director or Deputy Country Director.


During Probationary period, you will polish your acquired skills through gaining practical knowledge.No fixed Salary will be paid but following benefits will be applicable-

  • Reimbursement of telecommunication (internet, phone, etc.)
  • You will earn 10 percent of the total revenue collected payable monthly through sales, online program fee, abroad study tour fee, subscription, memberships/ sponsorship sales, donations, etc.
  • Complete administrative support will be provided to ensure smooth operation of projects and activities.
  • Certificate of Authorization
  • Personalized official email ID of institute's domain( example

After completion of the probationary period, candidate will work as Country Director in their home country with office established by EIPRHR while it will not be necessary to attend the office.

  • 1. Salary ( the slab will be in Euro with incentives)
  • 2. Reimbursement of phone bill, internet etc.
  • 3. Medical /health Check up ( Each year -Annually. after completion of the first year)
  • 4. Health Insurance and Life Insurance coverage (Premium will be paid each year after completion of first year)
  • 5. Car with fuel expenses will be provided after completion of first year.
  • 6. After 2 years' of service - Personal Loan facility ( upto Euro 100000) will be available for Personal needs/ buying House/Car etc.
  • 7. Pension may be availed if completed 15 years of service.
  • 8. Fully paid Family vacation ( International/ European destination) for 15 days each year ( will start from after completion of the first year)

Enrollments in the program are open on reduced fee structure. Please check your eligibility before proceeding further-

Eligibility/ Required skills -

Candidate should have a strong undergraduate/Postgraduate background. No professional experience is required.

An ideal candidate should have excellent writing skills, a problem-solving orientation, the ability to thrive under deadlines, and the ability to think critically and present persuasive arguments.

We’re looking for individuals with a track record of academic success and proven leadership ability.

Familiarity /experience in debate, public speaking, educational campaigning, and fundraising.

  • A Minimum Bachelor's degree completed at an recognised institution,
  • Good knowledge of the country of appointment
  • No criminal record or pending case in the court of trial.
  • Genuine fluency in English required. Fluency in any other language is an asset.
  • Experienced leadership capacity. interpersonal skills.
  • Strong public speaking skills alongwith solid written communication skills
  • Proactive team member
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Familiarity with event planning

If you fulfill the basic eligibility criteria mentioned above,You are required to enroll and complete 1 month's online program i.e. Masters Program in Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MPLE) ( with 4 weeks’ internship) from EIPRHR.

Interested candidate, send their updated CV. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted with complete details.

Attention: Often you need a pre-approval from your university or study counselor, to ensure that projects or thesis found on AAU Jobbank will be accepted as part of your education. Please contact the right entity in due time to ensure that you're picking the right project.