Senior Frontend Developer at Hobbii

Hey there, Alf here from tech 👋 I'm the Tech Team Lead here at Hobbii responsible for the daily management of developer squads. Our team is growing like crazy these days and we are looking for a talented and ambitious Frontend Developer to come help us take our main website to the next level amongst other exciting things.

So if you're eager to build the best ecommerce experience ever and using modern practices and tools such as Vue, and NuxtJS? Then please continue reading 🤓

We are aiming to rewrite our ecommerce stack from a traditional monolith-like setup to using tools such as a service oriented architecture and Jamstack. We are looking for someone who can contribute with some great ideas and challenge the status quo on the way we do things today. We strive to spend time on the things that matter and eliminating repetitive tasks in order to build things to last.

In our Tech department, we encourage everyone to have the chance to learn new things and make mistakes on the way to achieve great things. We'd love if you want to spend time digging in to some new technology, take a course or read a book you think could be useful to enhance your learning and deepen your knowledge about things that interest you.

Aim for the sky

We recently won the Børsen Gazelle 2020 award for the fastest growing company in Denmark, which is a proof of all the amazing and ambitious people we have at Hobbii. So generally, building something from scratch should excite you rather than terrify you... But don't worry, you won't be doing this alone; in the past year, we welcomed more than 190 people to our team from various backgrounds such as Bonnier, Pleo, GoMore and Google. We have plenty of ideas of how we should grow in the future and we are looking for more talented people to help us with this. 

Who are we?

Hobbii is an eCommerce scaleup selling yarn, knitting and crochet accessories to dedicated yarn lovers in 35+ countries. We’re a Danish company with an international outlook and we’ve recently launched a number of physical stores and aim to hit 50 stores within 3 years to supplement our online sales. 

Oh, and we are moving into a brand new office in Copenhagen city center this Summer! We are building it up completely from scratch with the opportunity to make it uniquely ours 🤗

The nitty-gritty skills needed:


- CSS3 / SCSS - responsive lay-outing

- Bootstrap 4

- Javascript - ES6 and above

- Git and source control

- Templating engines - Twig, Blade etc.

- Implementing pixel perfect designs

- Graphic editors xd, sketch etc

- Vector and Bitmap Images

- General image handling - HTML: srcset, sizes

We’d be thrilled if you are familiar with:

- VueJS

- Nuxt.js

- Automated Testing - Jest, Cypress, etc.

- TypeScript

- Webpack.js - configuration

We’re on the lookout for you who are: 

- Eager to learn new things

- Self-sufficient and not afraid of having an opinion about things!

- Take your own initiatives

- Loves to experiment and trying things out...and eager to try again if it doesn't work the first time 😉

If you can see yourself in all this and would like to work with our awesome colleagues then throw an application our way! 

Our promise to you

Working at Hobbii should be exciting, fun and meaningful. We’re achieving this by having an extremely talented and passionate team, who fundamentally believe that we're better together. We have a dedicated People & Culture team that spends all their time making sure that going to work doesn’t suck. 

And just to name a few perks -  we have breakfast, lunch, Friday bars, unlimited amounts of coffee, fun communities to join (anything from running club to wine tasting) and great parties. Remote friendly!   


Hit the apply button!

Before you do, here are some tips. We would like to know who you are and the work you are proud of. So please share Resume, LinkedIn or anything else you find relevant. 

No cover letter or lengthy essay is necessary. We will get to know you through some questions in the application form.