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If you require a healthy dose of variation and mental stimulation in your life in order to approach anything resembling contentment, a graduate programme might be just what you need. Here is why.

Let us introduce you to Sara Hyldegaard Lystbæk- a graduate at NNIT who has embarked on the graduate programme journey and already has a lot to share: about her experience applying for the position and how it is working as a Junior Consultant at NNIT.

From lab coat to business dress

My business suit used to be a lab coat and my office a laboratory. Before joining NNIT, I was a nerdy scientist with a passion for diabetes research and the dream of developing a new drug to cure patients. However, the PhD path was deliberately replaced by the NNIT Graduate Program. A change of career I haven't regretted for a moment.

I have seen a wrinkle or two when telling people that my dirty lab coat has been replaced by a business dress in an IT company. However, the wrinkle usually disappears when I get the chance to explain why:

For me, a career is not only about using the theoretical knowledge I have gained through my education. It is about finding a spot where I can be the person I am. Where I can learn and grow and where I am energized by my work.

Attracted by values – I clearly saw myself as part of NNIT

The focus in NNIT on being open and honest, always seeking to add value and use your passion to find the right solutions, attracted me. In NNIT, I can create day-to-day results by helping a fellow colleague, a team or a customer.

From small idea to strategic project

I joined the NNIT Graduate Program as a junior consultant on September 1, 2017. Since March 2018, I have managed an internal automation project with a dedicated team of developers. The idea behind the project was originally born in the head of the lead developer whom I experience as a true source of inspiration. Ultimately, his small idea will have a huge impact on many processes and deliveries in NNIT thanks to this automation project that we are now working on.

It inspires me that colleagues and leaders at NNIT trust me to drive a big and important project like this. And it inspires me even more to see how much value you can draw from nurturing one person's unique business idea.

NNIT is working on bringing good ideas to life through various innovation initiatives inspiring people to think creatively. I am happy to be part of one of the great ideas that has made it through the eye of the needle.

A workplace that oozes dedication, professionalism and positivity

I am continuously pushed to the edge while having fun. And the focus on individual development and finding the potential in each employee is always present: When I joined NNIT, my manager encouraged me to make a personal log of situations or tasks that stimulate and energize me at work. This exemplifies how NNIT directs your career path in the company according to your strengths and personality.