Deloitte Denmark

Multiple industries


“Life as a consultant can seem like a black box. Here, we open the box to give you a short, however not fulfilling, glimpse of our work.”

Our work stories


“My name is Marthe, a Senior Consultant in Deloitte’s strategy consulting practice, Monitor Deloitte. I typically work on various engagements ranging from strategy development and commercial due diligences to being an innovation facilitator.”

Financial Advisory

“My name is Martina, an Associate in our Corporate Finance department. I work in the world of M&A, where we advise corporate and private equity clients when they are either acquiring or selling companies. That means collecting a lot of insight about the company in order to be able to create a report/analysis that covers all aspects of the corporation. The purpose is to enlighten and advise the seller or buyer, so that they can take all circumstances into account.”

Tax & Legal

“My name is Sebastian, a senior consultant in our Indirect Tax department. One of the most exciting projects I have been assigned to was an international project in Saudi Arabia, where I helped to enforce value-added tax for the first time. I helped the client with both training and implementation of the systems.”

Audit and Assurance

”My name is Simon, an assistant in our Audit & Assurance department. A normal workday in the autumn consists of planning for the annual audits of both small and large corporations. Therefore, I prepare for the current audit and year-end. One specific task could be to collect information and decide on which areas we can audit here during the autumn. In this way, we are prepared for our busy season in the spring.”

Risk Advisory

“My name is Dennis and I’m in our Cybersecurity team. Some of us have a background in auditing, some are self-educated hackers, some have a broad commercial background with strategic or financial services, and others are former police officers who are specialists in cybercrimes. We find our common ground in our mutual differences, and help corporations to overcome cyberrisk, financial or operational risks in a society where cyber-threats suddenly can disrupt our daily lives.”