Characterization and modelling rf environment hos LiU ISY Kommunikationssystem

The thesis work consists on pre-study of actual frequency allocation in Sweden, identifying technologies and users. Thereafter, collection of power spectral density in VHF, UHF and SHF shall be performed with Signal Analyser and antenna. This extensive collected database shall be analysed and modelled depending on signal characteristics and multiplexing method. Finally, performance evaluation of proposed model shall be estimated.

Power spectral density collection, modelling and evaluation are required to be developed in Matlab.

The main tasks:

  • Review of frequency allocation of present technologies in VHF, UHF, SHF (might include operator frequency division).
  • Conduct study of communication technologies
    • Standard
    • Multiplexing Method
  • RF measurements from multiple technologies (Radio, TV, Mobile, etc…) using Signal Analyser and antenna. Expected measurements:
    • PSD (Power Spectral Density) short time and long time
    • PSD at different locations
  • Statistical analysis of each operator/channel/user based on signal characteristics such as PSD vs Time (short and long).
  • Estimate models describing PSD measurements depending on communication technology.
  • Performance evaluation of estimated model (student proposes alternative)
  • Writing your Master’s thesis
  • Presentation of your Master’s thesis at SAAB

Your Profile
This Master Thesis is suitable for 1-2 students. You are at the end of your Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics or Degree of Science in Engineering and about to start your Master Thesis work for 30 HP.

Required skills:

Practical RF measurement experience
Good skills in Signal Processing
Strong mathematical knowledge in statistics and modelling
Good skills in Matlab programming is a must

Last application day

Contact information
Christina Borndalen, Manager

+46 73 4375672

Javier Ferrer Coll, Master Thesis Supervisor

+46 73 4374368

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