Market analysis for UK based software company (Master/Bachelor Thesis) hos grey

grey is a self-employed independent consultancy.

I represent a UK based company that is interested in working with one/or more students in conducting a market analysis/feasibility study for the possible entry into the Swedish market.

This could perhaps be as part of a Master or Bachelor thesis.

You or your group will get access to an interesting real-life case with an international aspect, and the possibility to supplement your theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

The company is a UK-based technology company that focuses on providing software solutions for companies with a fleet of vehicles - e.g. leasing companies, car rental companies, or other companies with their own fleet.

The company has a suite of software products that support the life cycle of the vehicle, from purchase, over maintenance to sales.

The company has just launched on the Danish market and is now looking to expand into the other Nordic countries - among others Sweden.

Send a short description of you/your group and the school project where this case could be relevant for you.

NOTE: This is an unpaid project assignement.

Bemærk: Du skal ofte bruge forhåndsgodkendelse fra dit universitet eller studievejleder for at sikre, at projekter eller specialeopgaver på AAU Jobbank vil blive accepteret som en del af dit studie. Kontakt de relevante aktører i god tid for at sikre, at du vælger det rette projekt.