KMD INSIGHT Case Competition '19 AALBORG

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9:00 til 24. september 16:00   CEST

KMD INSIGHT Case Competition '19 AALBORG

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Om KMD INSIGHT Case Competition '19 AALBORG

We live in a world, where everything is possible - yet everything is not executed to it's fullest potential. We live in a world full of challenges - what are the solutions, and how do we find them? What can be done to create and meet the future world of tomorrow based on the knowledge of yesterday? We want to find the answers, and YOU are invited to help us find them!

KMD has a long history of supporting the Danish public sector, and more recently we also support the large parts of the private sector. Since 1972 data has been deeply rooted in the KMD DNA, and we are proud of being an essential part of the modern Danish society. We require the smartest and most innovative brains in Denmark, if we want to continue our previous track record.
It is therefore with great pleasure, that we host this very ambitious event both measured on competitors but also on the expected products. Let's make a better tomorrow, today!

The KMD Insight Case Competition in numbers:

  • 1 winning team
  • 2 days
  • 3 judges
  • 4 cities
  • 5 cases to choose from
  • 5 participants on each team
  • 10 teams

Each team will select a challenge and during the two days, they will work on delivering: 

  • A white paper describing a solution and/or concept, that will challenge the case and provide answers to how to solve the problems therein
  • A live presentation of the white paper. The key points of the white paper can be further elaborated, and a presentation of analysis can be showcased.

The white paper will be evaluated by the judges before the final presentation. The judges will decide on a winning team based on both the white paper and the final presentation.

DAY 1: On the first day the teams will go through different phases to achieve their final strategy, and DIMA mentors will be available to support each team.

DAY 2: On the second day the teams will present before a panel of judges along with the other teams. Before the final presentation each team will have the opportunity to present before a panel of mentors and get constructive feedback.

This gives the students a chance to focus on fewer parts of the solution at the actual presentation. We believe this will pressure the students further, and hopefully help with the conceptualization of the solutions, as well as showcasing the student's skills to work and succeed under heavy pressure.

But why another case competition?

Since we are, who we are, you should expect a 'KMD perspective' on the cases and possibly also on the weight given by the judges. This is the first KMD Insight Case Competition, and more will follow in the months to come. KMD Aalborg will host the first event at the end of September 2019, and thence we continue to Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. If you are not able to attend in Aalborg look out for coming events in the months October to December!

We are hosting this exciting and inspirational event as a way of reaching potential employees, this being either internships, student workers or future graduates. It is our way to meet passionate students, as well as experiencing what skills they possess. Furthermore, we want to showcase KMD DIMA as an exciting and daring place.

We are more than thrilled and exhilarated to host KMD DIMA Insight Case Competition 2019, and we hope to see as many as you as possible.

What's in it for you? 

The Case Competition is not only an obvious way to get real life business experience and evolve your innovative case solving skills. It is a way to connect with a potential future employee. With the KMD Insight Case Competition there is two ways of winning/getting a reward. You can collect your winnings by either finishing as the best group at the top of the rostrum. Or you can win personally by showcasing your best features and skills during the making of the products.

KMD is always looking for prospective interns for an internship. Naturally the scouting will be focused towards the winning group, but everyone has a shot in the race towards getting an internship at the leading professional data management, business intelligence and analytics company, KMD. 

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KMD Aalborg, Lauritzen Plads 1, 9000 Aalborg, Aalborg, Danmark