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Welcome to Coloplast!

Our mission is to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. This requires both an understanding of their medical challenges and the many other concerns that impact their lives. These can be related to social situations, travel, work, intimacy, exercise or just a trip to the shops. We gain this understanding by listening to them and to nurses and specialists who care for them. It is what inspires us and enables us to deliver the products and services that can make a difference. 

Our Leadership Promise

Delivering on our mission requires strong leadership from every one of us. We believe that we are all leaders, and that we all practice our individual leadership every day. We lead our individual tasks, projects, teams, functions, and even businesses. We lead to deliver on our mission. Our Leadership Promise consists of four elements; we empower, we simplify, we aim high, and we are inclusive. Meet four of our colleagues to hear more about what the elements mean to them in the video tab.